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LPs, CDs, 45s, DVDS, Flac/MP3 downloads  by Toronto's THE SCENICS

 Free Live Playlist!   Best of The Scenics 2016 tour!





Buy LP in Canada thru Dream Tower.

Buy LP in Europe thru Rave Up Records, Italy

Presale  - June 17 USA release thru LIght in the Attic

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 "Brainy crackpot art-pop with an ear for off-kilter melody, a headful of magic and twitchy grooves to burn. It's a sin the Scenics have left such a faint mark on punk-rock history... but the reborn cult starts here.” Ben Rayner, Toronto Star 

 ‘I don’t know much about this Canadian New Wave band that made these brilliant recordings in ’77 and ’78. Why they aren’t legends is hard to say.’ Roctober (Chicago) 

 "In The Summer" needs to supplant "Seasons In The Sun" as the finest Canadian summer anthem ever. 4/5     Cameron Gordon, Chart Attack 

    The Scenics tour "In The Summer" this Fall! 


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 Hear "Talking Songs" at our Bandcamp site.

 CD/Digital sales here!

See the "Domestic Mysteries" Video

 Excellently ominous and highly creative.. it's a skin-crawling, subtly menacing mash"     Jack Rabid,   Big Takeover
"An Extremely enticing mix that recalls the Doors-ie side of Television.  A rhythmic, eccentric, and almost jazz-like adventure."  T Broun, Stupefaction
"Talking Songs weilds it's perspective like a cudgel of lived-in wisdom with which you'll be undyingly (ha!) grateful to have been struck... An album that's as fearlessly outre as it is vibrantly soulful, and you can't get much more post-punk than that. CITC score 91%"   Dave Cantrell,  Caught in the Carousel



First Scenics studio recordings in three decades!



For info, to hear, or buy LPs, CDs. Flac Files or MP3s

“Some of their strongest material-- this is a band that deserves to be heard’  POPMATTERS

“A beloved, influential band... a perfect extension of their early work”  EXCLAIM                                                                

“The best new-album-by-older-rockers I’ve heard in years.”   PUNK GLOBE


How Does It Feel to be Loved: The Scenics Play the Velvet Underground .  Live recordings  from 1977-1981 

Purchase CD, hear "How Does It Feel to be Loved", info.

Free/By Donation Flac/MP3 downloads of "How Does It Feel To Be Loved"

"Top 10 cds of 2008"  J Morgan, Village Voice      "The best VU tribute album ever... the Scenics don't ape the Velvets, they enhance them...”   Detroit Metro Times "Media Blackout" column.

 ”Stunning in the same way that the Byrds playing Bob Dylan was so stellar. This is a must...8/10” Johnson Cummins, The Montreal Mirror Top 30, national Canadian campus charts.


The Scenics, The Viletones, Teenage Head, The Ugly, The Mods & More. 30 minute live film, interviews.

25 Minute video Special Feature--Live Scenics 1978. 

buy/info THE LAST POGO

‘What a window to a time that was rarely documented: the pre-hardcore, original punk era when it was astonishingly fresh, creative, rule-busting, and shot full of newborn energy/excitement...How vivid this film is,  ... absolutely essential history comes alive!’ The Big Takeover


Karen/See Me Smile- original 1981 pressing- 7" 45 rpm single.

buy/info  KAREN/SEE ME SMILE  $8.99

The PUNK HAIKU series: Free/by Donation download albums. Raw proto-punk from the Scenics' archives:
Unheard recordings from 1976/77- Scenic classics & obscurities going back to the beginning of SCENIC time

Info, Download Volume 1  PROTO-SPUNK 

Info, Download, hear Volume 2 SEE ME SMILE

Info, Download, hear Volume 3 "FACE IT AGAIN"

info, hear, download volume 4 "I'M SET FREE"


Check out the Scenics band website at http://thescenics.com


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