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“Excellently  ominous  and  highly creative.. it's  a  skin-crawling,  subtly menacing mash" Jack Rabid, Big Takeover

"An Extremely enticing mix that recalls the Doors-ie side of Television. A rhythmic, eccentric, and almost jazz-like adventure."  T Broun, Stupefaction

"An album that's as fearlessly outre as it is vibrantly soulful, and you can't get much more post-punk than that. CITC score 91%"   Dave Cantrell,  Caught in the Carousel



So here's an odd thing. The founding member of a Toronto art-punk group (Andy Meyers of The Scenics) gathers deconstructed fragments of his band's late 70s material, together with looped drums and samples, and uses it to soundtrack gravelly-voiced spoken word (of Vancouver poet and author Brian Brett) and smoky female vocals (Susheela Dawne) performing Brett's poetry. The result, Talking Songs, combines modern beat poetry, proto- and post-punk, trip-hop, hip-hop, whacked-out blues, and sultry jazz – scattered bodies indeed – without ever sounding too much like any of those elements.

Brett, as familiar as he is with the material, performs it with the range and conviction of a virtuoso lead actor. But then, he isn't really acting...And then there's Dawne, whose smoky, purring renditions of Brett's misfit romanticism give the impression – completely appropriate – that she's playing to a musty, gin-soaked cocktail bar, to dancing guests in threadbare dresses and grubby tuxedos torn open at the seams.

 Make no mistake, Talking Songs is... an often unsettling meld of orphan sounds and menacing undercurrents, and an offbeat celebration of those old staples: love, experience, sex and death."          Paul Tucker, The Quietus

Talking Songs: “Strange lands & strange loves... soft narcotic dreams of travel & danger.

Brian Brett’s memoir, Uproar’s Your Only Music, was a Globe and Mail Book of the Year selection by Ronald Wright: “The most exciting Canadian book I’ve read all year.” HIs best-seller, Trauma Farm: A Rebel History of Rural Life, won numerous prizes, including the Writers’ Trust annual award for best Canadian non-fiction book. His new poems To Your Scattered Bodies Go won the CBC poetry prize.

Andy Meyers produced The Scenics CDs How Does it Feel to Be Loved (“Top ten of 2008”, J Morgan, Village Voice) and Sunshine World (“New York had Talking Heads but here was their equal in Toronto” Bob Mersereau, author “The Top 100 Canadian Albums”.) He recently co-produced The Scenics’ reunion album, Dead Man Walks Down Bayview. (“Their strongest material...This is a band that deserves to be heard.” Popmatters).






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