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a 10 song, 42 minute digital album of 1970s Protopunk.

Raw, red hot performances recorded 1976/77:
-Do the Wait  (studio version featured on UNCUT magazine’s ’protopunk’ CD)
-In the Summer (‘Finest Canadian summer anthem ever’ chart.com)
and lots more!!!    

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musicemissions.com on Proto-Spunk:                                                     "Canadian legends The Scenics are back once again with missives from the vault, this time a set of crude, rude and holy live covers and originals from back in the day. The first in a planned series of music and biographical "punk haiku," "Proto-Spunk 1976-77" is a listening experience akin to being there when the Monolith showed the monkey how to use tools for the first time.                                                                                                                
Besides the historical value, this shows a band who, by their own admission, barely knew what they were doing, yet in their covers of tunes like "Little Johnny Jewel," "See Emily Play" and a must-have, must-hear version of Dylan's (then available only on bootleg from the Basement Tapes) "Too Much of Nothing," they touch on virtually all the disparate streams unleashed by punk, including art-rock, no-wave, hardcore, Television-esque minimal psych.
Of the originals, guitarist Ken Badger/singer shows his melodic chops on the crunchy but meditative "In the Summer."  "Farm Reports (and Test Patterns)" is a gem that would have fit perfect in any Music Machine or Sonics setlist.
To say that "Proto-Spunk 1976-77" is a must have is beyond redundant. The more that the Scenics release from the vaults the more it becomes obvious that punk history needs to be revised a bit. How many other bands were out there in the 70s, making vital music, on some nights even equal to the legends?
Andy from the Scenics sez: "Proto-Spunk is the sound of a bunch of kids diving head first into new sounds- it's The Scenics very young, very early, very raw, before we knew what we had or what we were doing. It begins in the Summer of 1976, when Ken Badger and I had just began playing.             
Proto-Spunk is the collected audio from the first 5 chapters of The Scenics' memoir blog, PUNK HAIKU. It is the first album of a series that will be continued soon (as we get caught up to the PUNK HAIKU story) with volume 2- "See Me Smile"
It wasn't so much that The Scenics were ahead of their time in 1977, it's more that almost everybody else didn't even know what time it was...  New York had Talking Heads, England was blessed with XTC, but here was their equal in Toronto and they never got the necessary push and support. It's fabulous we finally have the evidence, but it's a drag we haven't been able to enjoy it the  past 30 years.”  Bob Mersereau, author "the Top 100 Canadian Albums"

Check out the Scenics band website at http://thescenics.com


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