Karen/See Me Smile- The Scenics

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 The poppiest Scenics recording, and the last made by The Scenics in their original 1976-82 run. (And the only recording the Scenics made after they became a four-piece in the summer of 1979.)

The boys reunited with Barry Steinberg, co-producer of the recordings featured on the SUNSHINE WORLD CD, and went into a twelve track studio for the first time. Result? layered guitars, handclaps, harmonies.

One song each from Andy Meyers (KAREN, a freshly-scribed new-love pop song with choir loft harmonies) and Ken Badger (SEE ME SMILE,originally recorded at the first Scenics studio session in the summer of '77, featuring a dandy pop chorus and Ken's patented lead gtr sound on an extended instrumental coda.)

These are original pressings from 1981 on the Scenics' "Scenic Route Records". Ken and Andy each designed one side of the picture sleeve. Pictured is Ken's Kontribution. 


Check out the Scenics band website at http://thescenics.com


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