Dead Man Walks Down Bayview

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"This is some of their strongest material...This is a band that deserves to be heard."  Popmatters


                         Top 24 of 2012 Mary Leary/Daggerzine.    


"Dead Man Walks Down Bayview, the Scenics’ first studio affair since the ‘70s, is one of the best new-album-by-older-rockers I’ve heard in years. The band’s simple, lo-fi sound has the essence of everything sweet, innocent, & daring that inspired or came out under the New Wave umbrella (the Modern Lovers, early V.U. & Talking Heads)... The Scenics’ inspired guitar weavings, crisp trap beats, & vocals intuitively mixing dissonance with melody, delivering from-the-heart songs, are quite simply, a joy." Mary Leary, Punk Globe

"The Scenics deliver with total commitment"   Vancouver Sun


                      #67, top 100 of 2012 Jack Rabid/The Big Takeover. 

“A beloved, influential band... a perfect extension of their early work”  Exclaim

"The Scenics’ caustic wit, scattershot musical tastes & flair for experimentation are intact. The real fun happens when intricately duelling guitarists/vocalists Andy Meyers & Ken Badger let it all sprawl out in rambling, Television-damaged drone-rockers”   Ben Rayner’s Reasons to Live, Toronto Star

"The Scenic's  "Dead Man Walks Down Bayview" is a great album. It should almost be a crime for an album to be this good. It's a gorgeous, passionate, slightly off tune collection of pure genius."


                   Top 10 of 2012 Mike Wood /Perfect Sound Forever. 

Jeffrey Morgan (official biographer of The Stooges/Alice Cooper)  SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK
"A compelling mix of tunes which update the punk template for the 21st century. These Canadian musicians perfectly distill the bits that made the NYC scene important."  A Pessismist Is Never Disappointed

                Top 12 of 2012 Dave Konstantino/ Revolution Rock.

"It's been so long since I've heard guitar that doesn't sound like its patched through a million effects boxes that I'd almost forgotten the instrument could fill space with just its resonance. The more I listened to this recording, the more amazed I became at the quality of sound they were able to produce using only the standard rock & roll set up of bass, drums, & guitars... It has a richness & a melody that gives it substance you don't normally find in a rock combo's music... a collection of songs both musically interesting & lyrically intriguing. This is a band that deserves to be recognized for who they are & what they are capable of producing."

DARK CAVE video by Max Attwood.  Live footage shot by Aldo Erdic (

CD & LP  distributed by: Revolver USA  (USA)    FAB (Canada)


Check out the Scenics band website at


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